The Comparison of a Mythological Battle and a Disney Battle

After reading the previous post and hopefully gaining a sense of understanding when it comes to Greek mythology, we see that Zeus and his battles play a major role this cultures myths. As we have read, he is the savior of the Sky Gods and the God of all Gods, now we will focus on a few wars that he was involved in while keeping Disney’s Hercules in mind for comparison.

Before getting into detail about the wars involving the Gods, click here to view the Disney interpretation of these in order to keep it in mind for comparison.

Looking at this battle between the Titans vs. Hercules and the Sky Gods in Disney’s Hercules we can’t find a single relatable mythological event. Rather, there are numerous myths that seem to have been joined to create the entertaining Disney battle. Two of these mythological events that we’ll look at are The Titan War and The War of the Giants.

The Titan War is something we have already reviewed. It was the battle between Zeus and the rest of the Sky Gods vs. their parents, aunts and uncles (the Titans). A war ensued and the Sky Gods came out victorious, imprisoning the Titans in a pit called Tartarus. In the Disney film, Titans are released from a pit known as Tartarus – although the titans are depicted incorrectly (according to Greek myth). Once the Titans are released they focus their efforts towards revenge on Zeus for locking them up.

Comparison of Disney's battle

Comparison of Disney’s interpretation and the actual myth

Athena Attacking the Giants

Athena Attacking the Giants. Notice the serpent-like features of the giants. Picture copied from

The Greek myth of The War of the Giants describes a war between Giants born from the earth who’s father was Tartaros (the pit). These giants made war on the God, but were destroyed in battle with the help of Herakles. These Giants were depicted as warriors dressed in armor barring spears and flaming torches. In sculptures they were sculpted with serpent tails for legs. There are related myths describing storm giants, one having the name Typhoeus. He was an immortal storm giant who was imprisoned by Zeus in the pit of Tartaros. He was responsible for storm winds. In Disney’s Hercules the “titans” that are released seem to be very similar to these giants or storm giants. The appearance of the titans can be described as giant and can most definitely be seen as storm causing.

Comparison of Disney's interpretation and the actual myth

Comparison of Disney’s interpretation and the actual myth

So as we can see, a collaboration of these two myths has occurred in the Disney movie, Hercules. Soon I will focus on the Gods involved in these battles and their characteristics compared to Disney’s depiction of them.


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